Value to employees

What is the value to employees?

Employees can view, save, download and print benefits and insurance information from home, work, cell phones/PDAs, Blackberries and more.  This eliminates the aggravation and expense of mass print production and distribution.  When employees have access to this data, it gives them more control.  If an employee experiences a medical emergency while traveling out of town, they have no way to retrieve policy information.  With our product, that same employee can locate medical benefits and insurance/pharmacy data from something as easy their cell phone.  Even if your employer computer system temporarily goes down, your employees will still be able to access their employee benefits information from their eBenefits Website.

As an added value we include an area in every benefit section explaining the specific process to follow if an employee has questions or concerns regarding their benefits. This procedure creates a paper trail regarding the issue, protecting all parties involved with clear documentation.  eBenefits Websites is the exclusive creator and provider of this employee mediation system.

Companies invest substantial capital to offer a competitive benefits program, but most employees do not understand them because benefits are usually not communicated clearly at the time of hiring or during employment. Employers rarely get the proper credit for their investment, and many employees have minimal knowledge of their benefits and even less understanding of how best to utilize them.  To complicate matters further, in a competitive market new employment and retention of first-rate staff requires employers to provide exceptional benefits on order to compete with the recruiting efforts of their competitors. 

eBenefits Websites solve such issues by offering innovative features for employees to explore in their spare time.  This allows them to recognize the full value being offered to them.  Employees will consider salary to be only one of the many benefits offered at their place of business.