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“Hi, well to answer your question, after our first year we haven’t had one single, question from our employees regarding our benefits. And employees have had no issues that were not solved fast by using our site. Thank you so much, you were right."

–HR Director, Large Non-Profit Organization

“Hi, the eBenefits Website you put together for use by our employees has been a valuable tool enabling our HR Department to meet one of it critical goals of making our benefits information available to our employees via our intranet. Our employees can not only access their benefits information but because you have also posted our staff guide, holiday and vacation information as well, they can also look up any necessary policies they may need. We have not received much feedback from our employees which is good to us because we feel that they are able to locate the information they need without much assistance from us. The system has become a part of our regular orientation with new hires so that we can point them to the link and they can access whatever benefits information they may need as time goes on. Thanks for helping us get to this stage in our HR information process. Upper management manager was pleased that we accomplished this goal. Take care.”

‐‐Human Resources Director

“Good morning! This is awesome! I opened up most of the links and all look to be in perfect order and extremely useful for our employees. Thank you so much, as I can but imagine how much work was involved in preparing this website for us.  Now everyone can download their forms and brochures to desktops at home!  I can’t wait to share this with everyone!  Thank you again.”

‐‐Owner, Engineering Firm

“Thank you for for our amazing eBenefits Website that you have developed!! I am looking forward to playing around more with it. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful creation!! Take care.”

‐‐Human Resources Manager, Association

"For a small business, any manager needs to be a Jack (or Jill!) of all trades, managing, marketing, invoicing and addressing staff needs, everything from insurance to visa issues. Therefore, there is always too little time to do too many things, and few, if any, other staff members to whom to delegate. With the use of this website, I have had far fewer questions asked, as my employees know to check out their policies and our posted handbook, before coming to me for help. This has saved an immense amount of my time. We all like how we can access our information from anywhere at any time, as long as we can get to a computer. It’s great! Thanks again for creating such a useful tool."

‐‐Owner, Engineering Firm

“Thanks for all your hard work on our eBenefits Website. I truly appreciate it. As I said, it is exactly what I was looking to launch this year so again, I thank you!”

‐‐Human Resources Director

“Thanks! Thanks again for all your help with this. It was one of my goals for this year so thank you for helping me achieve it!”

‐‐Human Resources Director

“Hi. The launching of our eBenefits Website seems to have gone without a hitch! Thanks, again, for getting this together for us.“

‐‐Human Resources Director

“We haven’t had one employee benefits related question in such a long time, I can’t even remember.  We don’t even think about benefits questions anymore.  I focus on H.R. work a lot now."

–HR Director, Association