Saving businesses money


How does an eBenefits Website save businesses money?  

Employers make huge investments in their benefits plans so they can attract and retain the best employees.  At the same time, Human Resources managers attempt to communicate and administer these benefits under typically archaic and unmanageable systems.  An eBenefits Website takes complex data and makes it easily understood and accessible for employees, requiring minimal skill level.

For every dollar spent on gross payroll, the average employer spends a staggering 42 cents on employee benefits (D.O.L., Bureau of Statistics).  For example, a typical firm with 25 employees could have a monthly payroll of $200,000 while spending approximately $80,000 per month (almost $1,000,000 per year) on employee benefits.

eBenefits Websites provide a return on investment in three areas:

1)   Recruiting: Numerous clients have found that potential recruits were very impressed when introduced to this innovative system. Our clients have found that directing new employees to familiarize themselves with their benefits on our sites, saves a tremendous amount of time. One client uses this as a tool to weed out potential recruits if they cannot navigate the company’s eBenefits Website. Another client informed us their eBenefits Website was a key factor in acquiring a highly desirable employee. 

2)   Employee Retention: An eBenefits Website makes the entire benefits package accessible with total accuracy and clarity. An attractive package, when properly presented, has a positive effect on employee retention and motivation. Most employees are unaware that for every payroll dollar, an average 42 cents of that dollar is spent on their benefits.  

3)   Overall Operational Efficiency: One client found that the biggest time drain on her HR staff, was the constant inquiries regarding benefits. Five months after the company launched its customized eBenefits Website, she informed us that the staff had not received one benefits question during that time period.