Product Features and Benefits


Product features:

  • Links employees to existing HR products (ex. online enrollment)
  • Links employees to existing HR software or current HR systems
  • Presents insurance companies contact information
  • Presents carrier and plan vendor offered employee self service links
  • Instructs employees on self service benefit utilization
  • Mediation option for employees issues/concerns with insurance carriers 
  • Print and download summaries and brochures
  • Links to doctor network directories
  • Links to insurance carrier/plan vendor forms
  • HR forms library page (for expense reports, memos, policies, etc.)
  • Online employee handbooks and staff guides
  • Online company vacation, sick and holiday policies
  • Glossary of insurance and financial terms
  • Health and wellness information
  • And much more

Product benefits:

  • Guarantee employees have a clear understanding of their benefits
  • Reduced employee reliance on HR departments
  • Employees become "self sufficient" benefit users
  • Elimination of the need for HR staff to educate employees on benefits
  • Reduction in employee questions, phone calls and emails to HR staff
  • Promote direct interface between employees and insurance provider
  • Reduction in benefit related printing costs
  • Disposal of new hire welcome kit storage and printing
  • Changes to benefit plans are instantly communicated to employees
  • Decrease in problems caused by plan changes or modifications
  • Resources that help the lives of employees and their families
  • Healthier employees through health and wellness sections
  • And much more