How we differ from the competition?


Features Exclusive to eBenefits Websites: 

  • Trademarked simple interactive design – practical for employee use
  • Ability to incorporate all HR/benefits products and plans
  • Ability to incorporate current benefits program (no changes required)
  • Ability for employee to retrieve data off site, 24/7, even from cell phones
  • Self service instructional sections for employee questions
  • Mediation system to catch genuine employee problems
  • "Unidentifiable" & "color matched" to mimic client website or intranet
  • Requires no training for HR or employees to use
  • Employer chooses their own password and sign in ID
  • Proven product for 6 years running
  • Thousands of employees in the U.S. and E.U. currently using our system

Our competitors’ sites, employer intranets and benefits communication software are difficult for employees/users to navigate. Employees find them unmanageable and inaccessible. As a result, employees are unlikely to use the product as it requires intense effort. eBenefits Websites are proven to actually work as advertised. Because of our trademarked simple interactive design, employees actually use our communication sites.

Other companies have put forward employee benefits communication tools with deficiencies that include: 

  • Elaborate complex operations, therefore not utilized by employees
  • Technology unavailable when promised
  • Numerous hours of training required of HR staff
  • Needing frequent updates
  • Employer being responsible for updating data
  • Employer being responsible for the data entry into the system
  • Installation on office computers so unaccessible off-site
  • Repeatedly breaking down, requiring constant tech support
  • Technology expenses being disproportionate and excessive
  • Employer becomes tied to a poor system after significant investment
  • Unable to include all benefit plans (ex. fringe benefits, parking, gym)
  • Work intensive when changing carriers, vendors, other plan types
  • Require use of only certain carriers and vendors

eBenefits Websites releases companies from all these issues.  Our research team investigates emerging HR technology trends, and their claims, to see if what is promised is actually being delivered. We found that much of the technology guaranteed by other companies didn’t work the way it had been advertised; in many cases, it actually generated more work for the employer rather than reducing it.  At eBenefits Websites however, we build and then manage everything for the client, so both employer and employees only need to sign in. The rest is left to us.  eBenefits Websites are extremely straight forward and simple for employees to use. Companies of all sizes are finding eBenefits Websites affordable and an invaluable tool essential to success.