How much training is required?

Answer: No training of any kind is required to use an eBenefits Website.

What is required of the employer? How much work is involved?

Answer: Simply email your vendors using a template we provide, and then foward their response emails and data you want on the site to us. We do the rest.

Does someone have to be in one of our offices or locations to use our eBenefits Website?

Answer: eBenefits Websites are internet‐based. Only an internet connection is required to obtain information. eBenefits Websites are accessible even from most cell phones.

My company has numerous locations nationally and internationally.  How many eBenefits Websites will I need?

Answer: One. An eBenefits Website is internet‐based. Therefore you will need only one system. Multi-lingual sites are also available.

How long will it take for me to use my eBenefits Website?

Answer: Since eBenefits Website construction timing is based on our clients providing electronic data, construction of your eBenefits Website starts when all pieces have been received and confirmed viable. Most sites are completed within two weeks of data being transmitted.  


Phases of building process for your website:

Design:  Via email, you tell us what benefits and sections you want included on your eBenefits Website.

Data Acquisition:  You email your carriers/vendors (using our simple email template), and request benefits data. Then forward the data to be included on your eBenefits Website.

Build Time:  About two weeks after data provided.

Launch:  We provide a sample “Launch of Our New Employee Benefits Tool” email template notice that you can use to notify your employees that they may begin using the website.


When can my employees begin using our eBenefits Website?

Answer: The first day the site is completed.


Are my policies and data protected?

Answer: Yes, eBenefits Websites uses the most current web security available. We update our security platform daily and as new protection code is developed, we update our system the day it's released. All employer data is kept under secure encryption using "strong password" protection.  Employers may choose their own log in ID and password. We offer password encryption from 1 going up to 21 characters.  eBenefits Websites allow clients to include any characters available in consideration of a "strong password" offering clients the opportunity to choose the most security possible in password protection.  Most clients chose a simple password, to make it easy for employees to remember (a four digit number or name for example), we simply offer the client the ability to use a "strong password" if they so choose.  A strong password is a password that meets the following guidelines: (eBenefits Websites offers a free random password generator from 1-21 keys to our clients)

Strong Password Definition, Requirements and Guidelines

  • Be randomly generated
  • Be seven or fourteen characters long, due to the way in which encryption works. For obvious reasons, fourteen characters are preferable
  • Contain both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Contain numbers
  • Contain symbols, such as "  $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ – + = { [ } ] : ; @ ' ~ # | \ <
  • Contains a symbol in the second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth position (due to the way in which encryption works)
  • Not resemble any of your previous passwords
  • Not be your name, your friend's or family member's name, or your login
  • Not be a dictionary word or common name