Employer HR Solutions

 An eBenefitsWebsite:

  • Perfect for linking to your company’s current intranet
  • Mimics the colors and look of any intranet or company website
  • Unidentifiable, so it looks like it is part of your company website 
  • Works with your current employee benefits program
  • Requires no employee or HR training
  • Offers unlimited pages and sections
  • 100% customized for your company needs
  • 100% internet-based
  • Reduces benefits communication costs
  • Eliminates office paperwork for HR departments
  • Alleviates HR department administration
  • Increases benefits awareness, appreciation and morale
  • Increases employee retention and recruiting
  • Aids in new hire self-service orientations
  • Proven product and industry leader for 6 years
  • Technology HR wants, no program adjustments required

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