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Independent Brokers Extinction

Throughout the late 2000’s the United States has experienced and huge flux of HR and Benefits Broker technology. A select few brokers kept up to speed with the new ever changing and evolving business models in hopes of not losing business to PEO’s and large firms with unlimited bank accounts to fund technology that can […]

Free Benefits Websites For Employers

How and why employee benefits websites will be free to all employers:  I have been involved with employee benefits websites since their initial development in the late 1990’s. My research and development of HR technology has been extensive and has continued until today with our clientele providing feedback from thousands of user employees across the […]

HR Continues to Prefer Selective Outsourcing

Exerpt: “Selective outsourcing is growing so popular because it can be tailored to meet an organization’s exact needs,” COMPANIES CONTINUE MOVE TOWARD SELECTIVE OUTSOURCING APPROACH, WATSON WYATT FINDS. WASHINGTON, D.C., June 24, — Employers continue to take a selective approach to outsourcing their HR technology and functions rather than relying exclusively on a single provider, […]

Brokers Outsource Client Benefits Websites

HR and Broker Selective Outsourcing of Web-Based Benefits Communication. HR departments should not be focused on being benefits website web developers. These days' employers and benefits brokers need to sharpen their attention to business, compartmentalizing certain time wasting functions and streamlining the way they do business through outsourcing smaller bits and pieces of their business responsibilities. […]

3 Categories of Benefits Brokers

Employee Self-Service Benefits Websites: 33% of Brokers don't provide these for their clients and are bleeding out to competitors 33% Do their own version themselves, expending time/effort in an area outside their expertise and away from sales 33% Get us to do it for them, hassle free, cheap, easy, and simple to present to your […]