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SAAS Vs. Cloud-Based in Benefits Industry

Employee benefits/HR technology products fall into 3 categories: Software vs. SAAS  vs. Cloud-Based Apps.   Software users are getting fed up.  One must download the software (on every computer or map it to a server drive), then they must implement the software and train on it and much more.  Software becomes old and requires updates to […]

When to Ditch Old Benefits Technology

When is it time to jump ship from an old, cumbersome HR/Benefits broker technology? The definition of a good technology product: it works perfectly right now and is easy to use. Another way to approach this issue is understanding that with today’s newer, better models available, if your technology piece isn't working perfectly for you right now, then it never […]

Back Out Plan: Benefits Broker/HR Technology

You created an implementation plan, but did you plan on how to pull out if the product doesn't perform? A back out plan for benefits broker/HR technology is essential, but how many companies and advisers plan for this? None, because in today's market it is nonexistent. At eBenefitsWebsites.com we've designed a model that is perfect for today's mad rush […]

How QR Codes Work in the Benefits Industry

What in the world is a “QR Code?” “Quick Response” codes have been primarily used in Japan for the last 5 years or so and are extremely popular, they currently are moving east through out Europe.  They are used when trying to covey information to the masses.  To explain it in detail a QR code […]

Un-Bundle: Broker/HR/Benefits Technology

Stop under utilizing and Over Paying For Your Current Technology Platform. (Brokers and HR). Un-bundling (formerly know as HR 'selective outsourcing'). It's the way of the future. PEOs take brokers' business. That sucks. They promise the utopia of using their large risk pool to offer the best in 'all-in' benefits packages. Quickly the price becomes […]

But Some People Always Want a Live Person

"But Some People Will Always Want to Speak to a Live Person, Have Their Hand Held, Won't Ever Use Self-Service Benefits Technology."  Phooey. To a certain level everyone is a closet self-service tech user. Even my grandmother. But to the real point, this is the most common argument from those who haven't embraced the technology […]

Internet-Based Communication of Benefits

Internet Based Communication of Benefit Packages Allow Companies to Run More Efficiently Plus Cultivate a Happier and More Loyal Employee. Money, time and energy. What price tag do you place on retaining your top employees? How do you ensure employees fully understand their entire compensation package, the one you pay for that guarantees HR-related questions […]

Software Is Dead: Cloud-Based Systems Crush

I recently purchased a software accounting package, installed it on our server, then mapped the drives from all of our worldwide network computers. The intended goal (requirement)? That any employee here can access and enter accounting/sales data into the software from any computer in the world via the net 24/7/365. So after all the work, […]

Communicate Benefits Across All Generations

How to Effectively Communicate Benefit Packages Across All Generations of the Workforce America’s current work force crosses through four generations, in some cases individuals born in the 1930’s are still working. At the opposite end of the spectrum, workers born as recently as 1992 are starting to enter the job market. Do these generations obtain […]

Some Brokers Not in 21st Century Yet, Why?

What is a 21st Century Broker? Currently Over 60% of Brokers Haven't Moved Into the 21st Century, Why is That? In the 21st Century, the technology age has truly exploded with information at people’s finger tips 24 hours a day. If you can believe it there is now a generation of workers who have grown […]