When to Ditch Old Benefits Technology

When is it time to jump ship from an old, cumbersome HR/Benefits broker technology? The definition of a good technology product: it works perfectly right now and is easy to use. Another way to approach this issue is understanding that with today’s newer, better models available, if your technology piece isn't working perfectly for you right now, then it never will. Like anything obsolete, discard it immediately. 

How do you know it's obsolete? Computers are basically disposable these days, in just three years your computer moves from cutting edge to antiquated. Are you using HR/Broker technology platforms three years or older? Are you selling old technology, out of step with the demands of a 2010 employee, perhaps causing dissatisfaction and headaches? Think of how technology can change in just one year. I am not saying that all old technology doesn’t work. But there is a bad taste in the mouths of both employers and brokers, as a result from their experiences “giving technology products a try” over the last few years. Intense effort, training, data entry and countless attempts to make it work properly.

I may sound callous but I do feel sorry for brokers and employers working with cumbersome technology. I too, have fooled around with most of it, and I got that same headache. I just want those struggling to know that help is here. New and better technology is easier and almost (dare I say it) fun. Sure, some people fought cell phones, CD's, even the Internet itself. But they always came around to the newer technology…because it makes work and life so much simpler. -Tyler Thorpe CEO eBenefitsWebsites.com

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