Back Out Plan: Benefits Broker/HR Technology

You created an implementation plan, but did you plan on how to pull out if the product doesn't perform? A back out plan for benefits broker/HR technology is essential, but how many companies and advisers plan for this? None, because in today's market it is nonexistent. At eBenefitsWebsites.com we've designed a model that is perfect for today's mad rush to the benefits industry newest technology. Technology companies come and go. But the ones that are cloud-based, perform perfectly and adapt and incorporate incredible change, stay in business and continue to grow. Others fail and leave their clients severely disrupted.

Our model lets employers set up an extremely versatile employee benefits website; this offers employees a comfortable place to find everything they would need on a self-service and full service basis. This portal remains stable throughout the employers ever hanging HR/benefits technology trials. We think the HR/Benefits technology process should be different. Companies should not be trapped, trying to force an old product to work, just because they've invested a lot into that product. Our model lets employers try add-on products like online enrollment, consolidated billing, HRIS, admin and more. Our model offers employers options. They simply add-on tech products as they see fit and as needed. If a technology doesn't perform, they simply switch it out with another vendor, or back away from that tech piece and try again another day.

With our relationships with almost every product company out there, eBenefitsWebsites.com helps you negotiate discounts and get a better contract through us. We negotiate month to moth contracts for our clients, so you can simply bail out at anytime if the tech product is becoming cumbersome, underutilized or too expensive. And the best thing, employees always know they can return to the employee benefits website when they need it and it will always be there, stable. Any new or changing products and benefits will simply be there for them to access and utilize. But I'm sure your HR/Benefits technology adviser discussed this concept with you? Right? If not maybe you should re-consider your current technology adviser relationship as well.   -Tyler Thorpe CEO eBenefitsWebsites.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerthorpe

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