How QR Codes Work in the Benefits Industry

What in the world is a “QR Code?” “Quick Response” codes have been primarily used in Japan for the last 5 years or so and are extremely popular, they currently are moving east through out Europe.  They are used when trying to covey information to the masses.  To explain it in detail a QR code is a beefed up version of a bar code.  Bar codes are found on just about anything one can purchase in the United States.  The standard bar code system in America is used by stores to track and send information about product and inventory.  This is a one dimensional format.  QR Codes are similar in that the transmit information; however they do so in a 2D format.  By using a 2D format the QR Code is able to transmit a great amount of detail.  They are able to bridge the gap between both physical and virtual worlds. 

Google has fully backed the use of QR Codes and their application in the United States market.  The way a QR Code works is as follows;   A person will see an 2D image (See Above) on a building, a marketing flyer, a t-shirt promoting a cause, a the top of their yearly insurance statement, on the back of a brokers / agents business card etc. they will use their SMART phone and take a picture of it.  In doing so the QR Code is linked to a certain website where information is instantly conveyed to the user.

Think about the possibilities and efficiency in marketing that can occur with the use of QR Codes….Fund Raising is the at the heart of finding cures for HIV, Cancer Research, Heart Disease, Althymertz cures and the list goes on and on.  Every weekend in every major city a walk, a rally, a half marathon, an auction are executed by hundreds of thousands on individuals.  With the use of QR Codes the organizers will be able to direct participants and donations to a certain website thus eliminating the use of list and data entry.  No longer will people have to mail in checks or money orders, remember websites or go door to door collecting.  The information can all be obtained with 1 click of a SMART phone.

Brokers / Health Insurance Agents will benefit by placing a QR Code on the back of their business card.  The code can take a new hire to an online enrollment form where they can sign into all their benefits.  This will reduce a tremendous amount of paper waste but also eliminate the human error component.  Another way to use this innovative technology would be to direct individuals and prospects to a website to convey information about a brokerage firm and or product(s).

At the end of the day technology makes processes in life easier and more efficient.  While change comes slowly in some cases technology all most always wins out over resistance to change.  Think about the amount of money a company will save by using online benefit communication websites along with QR Codes to direct individuals to the specific information.  -By  Louie Hankins, Sales eBenefitsWebsites.com,  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/louie-hankins/17/679/218

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