But Some People Always Want a Live Person

"But Some People Will Always Want to Speak to a Live Person, Have Their Hand Held, Won't Ever Use Self-Service Benefits Technology."  Phooey. To a certain level everyone is a closet self-service tech user. Even my grandmother. But to the real point, this is the most common argument from those who haven't embraced the technology wave that inevitably has swept the employee benefits / HR industries. And I always have an easy response. Answer: You cannot ignore any employee demographic. Duh. You must offer employees both options.

An employee one day may want to contact someone live at a carrier or vendor. Have this in place. But the next day that same employee may want to remotely access their employee benefits or medical plan data via the internet or a hand held portable device. You must offer the 2010 employee both options. If you are ignoring one or the other your are not serving your employees or clients with a 2011 out look on how our industry is evolving.  -Tyler Thorpe CEO eBenefitsWebsites.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerthorpe

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