Un-Bundle: Broker/HR/Benefits Technology

Stop under utilizing and Over Paying For Your Current Technology Platform. (Brokers and HR). Un-bundling (formerly know as HR 'selective outsourcing'). It's the way of the future. PEOs take brokers' business. That sucks. They promise the utopia of using their large risk pool to offer the best in 'all-in' benefits packages. Quickly the price becomes awfully high, and the rate increases, non-negotiable. And you don't really like the carriers they force you into using. Most importantly though employees don't like the rudimentary technology. You feel like a PEO cash cow.

Now HR/benefits tech providers are going down that same path. Offering brokers and HR tons of rudimentary technology products they don't use and are required to purchase. Well for the last year, many brokers have told me that they are unhappy with the rudimentary products, the high cost, and that they are under utilizing a lot of stuff they are paying top dollar for. The answer is easy, I advise them to un-bundle. Stop under under utilizing and over paying for your benefits/HR technology. Learn about our model.  -Tyler Thorpe CEO eBenefitsWebsites.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerthorpe

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