Software Is Dead: Cloud-Based Systems Crush

I recently purchased a software accounting package, installed it on our server, then mapped the drives from all of our worldwide network computers. The intended goal (requirement)? That any employee here can access and enter accounting/sales data into the software from any computer in the world via the net 24/7/365. So after all the work, guess what? It didn’t work. I looked at the software box and saw “tech support” stickers covering it. Were they trying to tell me something?

I decided to try an online accounting application instead just to check it out. No install, no downloads, no hassle, no tech support needed. Within 10 mins I had our company’s accounting platform accessible from any computer in the world. And I will never have to update the software and it will work every time I login, it will never be down or fail. Is there a lesson here for software companies and developers in the HR/Benefits technology field? Yes. It’s 2010, the future is cloud based applications. Software is dead. -Tyler Thorpe CEO eBenefitsWebsites.com

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